Burgs' Twilight Stereo

The inimitable and golden-ear’ed burgs on the Fractal forum made a post a while back about an amp from Magnatone that did this cool stereo phase thing. Hard to explain, go listen to his demo video of the amp to understand.

Today he posted a preset for the Axe-Fx III that trys to capture some of that beautiful, phasery, stereo goodness and darn if it isn’t just the most sublime preset ever to play with my Silver Sky.

I tweaked his preset a bit. I opted to use a Harmonic Tremolo in place of the Uni-Vibe effect he had in the preset for the phasery sound. I thought it got closer to the sound of the Magnatone he demo’ed in his video and doesn’t feel as deep and chewy and overpowering as the Uni-Vibe does.

Here’s how I have the Harmonic Tremolo set up:

Harmonic Tremolo Setup

I have the bypass mode on the Phaser block set to Mute Out so I don’t pass signal through the block when it’s bypassed. I also set the mix on that block to 100% wet so it works well when the block is enabled and the Pan/Trem block above it is bypassed.

It’s super fun to play.


He’s got that JTM45 dialed in to perfection there.

There’s also a nice super-clean Archon model in there that’s insipiring. I did a little live looping clip using that amp and my Silver Sky, again. A melody and chord change you might recognize.


That Archon clean rings like a beautiful bell, doesn’t it? Very inspiring tones and a ton of fun to play this in stereo.

Written on May 4, 2021