Trey A for Axe-Fx II FW18.03

Time for an update to my Trey Anastasio patch for the Axe-Fx II! We got some crazy new realism with the 18.03 firmware release and the G3’ification of the MkIII Clean and Shiva Clean amp models meant it was time to revisit this patch.

From. Scratch.

That’s right. A complete reset on the AMP block and a ground-up re-work has it sounding better than ever!

And after I got the AMP block sounding just right I turned my attention to the two drive blocks. I’ve never been happy with the way they stacked – until now. The low gain and high gain drive blocks have been tweaked out like crazy. On their own they sound fantastic. And cascaded they no longer fart out – the bass is defined and the sustain endless.

And you can get the patch here.

Here’s a clip running through the MkIII side of the AMP block and the two drive pedals:

Written on March 23, 2015