packer-config v1.1.0 gem released!

The 1.1.0 release of packer-config is live on

This release adds support for the VMWare VMX builder courtesy Greg Poirier.

packer-config is a Ruby interface to the Packer project from HashiCorp. Packer lets you build different kinds of virtualized machine images (Docker, Vagrant, VirtualBox, Amazon AMI, etc.) from standardized and shared configuration code bases and the packer-config gem lets you write your Packer configurations in Ruby instead of in that hybrid JSON, custom config language that Packer sports. You can use the full power of the Ruby programming language to drive if/then/else decisions when constructing your Packer configurations and it simplifies the creation of macros and envvar references in your Packer configurations.

There’s a working example in the README for the project that shows you how to provision a customized CentOS 6.6 Vagrant basebox using Packer and the packer-config interface.

The 1.1.0 release supports the following builders:

  • amazon-ebs
  • amazon-instance
  • docker
  • virtualbox-iso
  • vmware-vmx
  • null

The following provisioners:

  • file
  • shell
  • ansible
  • chef-client
  • chef-solo
  • salt
  • puppet server
  • puppet masterless

And the following post-processors:

  • docker-import
  • docker-push
  • vagrant
Written on April 1, 2015