Jerry's Reverb

Jerry always had nice space around his nice tone. A forumite asked for a hand crafting a nice space around their really nice Jerry tone and I couldn’t help by take a stab at it. Their clip came from an older AX8 and they were running the Large Spring algorithm with some tweaks to the EQ. It didn’t really sound like spring reverb in their clip and the revamped spring reverbs in the FM3 were…too springy to realy match what they had in their AX8.

I turned through the reverb algorithms and settled on the London Plate as close enough to what they had to make a pretty space around a Jerry tone.

This clip overemphaizes the reverb. I wouldn’t run it this wet, live, I think for fear of it washing out in a room. But in headphones it sounds nice. The base Jerry tone was quickly thrown together with a Double Verb Silverface amp model using only the authentic controls to dial back the bass, the input gain and jack up the treble and just nudge the mids up a bit. I paired the amp model with two 1x12 Customer D120 impulse responses – one a 57 mic’ed IR and the other a 121 mic’ed IR – panned a little left and a little right each for some space.

Played with my PRS McCarty 594 semi-hollow, I quite like the results. It’s not quite a nice as the forumite’s tone; but I think we’re very much in the ballpark here and we’ve got a nice space around a nice base tone now to go work on our modes and chromatic connecting licks.


You can get the preset for your FM3 or Axe-Fx III here.

Written on June 20, 2021