For RosettaStoned

Forumite RosettaStoned is new to the FM3 and made a post about finding all the factory presets dark and muddy. I suggested dialing in a preset from scratch and that it wasn’t hard to get a great tone from the FM3 without tweaking. This is me putting my money where my mouth is.

I dialed this up in under a minute. AMP > CAB > REV. I went with the Atomica High amp model. The only changes I made were to dial back some bass and dial up the input gain. I never left the Authentic tab in the AMP block when doing this. For the CAB block I picked an IR I know and love when I do muscley higher gain tones: 4x12 TV Mix #1. The REV block was at the default settings for a new REV block instance which is Medium Room with a 20% mix.

With my PRS 594 on the bridge pickup and running straight into Logic X it sounds like this:


Perfectly awesome rock tones.

You can download the preset here.

Written on July 29, 2021